Sunday, December 27, 2009


The top two are my final two page comic. It was really cool process and lot of planning and tweaking to make it look right. It still needs a lot of improvement. But I'm proud of my work I like some of the expressions I used for my character Lily. All references were shot from my own camera. I also have learned not to procrasinate on certain projects since it will have a domino effect on all others! It was like trying to stop time by holding handful of sand it just slips you by!

oh yes part of the story was true I did felt dizzy and my math teacher yelled in front of me in the class!! sooo embarrasing! Ah high school days!

This is the first comic page I had to do on the first week of school. I didn't have much knowlegde of the crow pen and ink and how you're suppose to take reference photos of your own instead of using the internet. But I still like the story.

Charcoal reversal project

Here is the final reversal. It took me many hours and long nights to work on it.

I choose Edward Weston's Rose Roseland because I liked the pretty hairdo just like Princess Leia from Star Wars. The project was to make an illusion of a photograph by laying down the entire paper of black charcoal then lifting it out the shapes and light with a kneaded eraser. It was amazing how when one area was off the whole photo is off so laying out the porportion and shapes was the most important thing. Also the magic word SQUINT!


Here's a few pages from my 112A sketchbook. It was tough trying to keep up the everyday drawings but worth it!