Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Past artwork 2004-2007

This is a charcoal drawing of my American Eskimo dog Laddie. I drew it from looking at a photo of mine. It was a tribute to my dog since he past away in the summer of 2007. I won honorable mention at the local Santa Clara Art Association annual show.

This is called Blue Heron and Pampas. I combined two references of my father's photographs and of course with some of my imagnation to create this piece. I won second place at the Santa Clara Art Association montly meetings.
This piece came out of nowhere. I was playing music really loud and felt inspired when I saw a full moon outside. I call this one The Mouse and the Moon.
This was a fun project to do. I had to read an interesting poem and create a drawing using only black and white charcoal and a color of our choice.
My first attempt doing a charcoal drawing from a beginning art class back in community college. I thoroughly enjoyed creating art with just a piece of charcoal and a kneaded eraser in my hand.

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