Sunday, December 27, 2009


The top two are my final two page comic. It was really cool process and lot of planning and tweaking to make it look right. It still needs a lot of improvement. But I'm proud of my work I like some of the expressions I used for my character Lily. All references were shot from my own camera. I also have learned not to procrasinate on certain projects since it will have a domino effect on all others! It was like trying to stop time by holding handful of sand it just slips you by!

oh yes part of the story was true I did felt dizzy and my math teacher yelled in front of me in the class!! sooo embarrasing! Ah high school days!

This is the first comic page I had to do on the first week of school. I didn't have much knowlegde of the crow pen and ink and how you're suppose to take reference photos of your own instead of using the internet. But I still like the story.


Kathleen O'Brien said...

Cute Stories and I see a definite improvement from your first comic to your Final. You also did a pretty good job using different tones to make your drawing feel more dimensional.
Lucky me I have a blog account to make comments because of my ART123 class. Though I might get a new blog.

Carol63Storm said...

Great comic strip! Loved the expressions on the girl's face -- sort of like Charity Hill in that YA novel we both know about! Oh, but I wish I could have read the words -- I had my nose right up against the computer screen! Aaah!

Hillary.Bradfield said...

AWESOME COMICS!!!! so much fun to read!
it really happened! wow! did ben ever call?
i especially love the names lily and james together, it reminds me of some of my favorite books:)